Migration to NiceLabel 10 from older versions

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When upgrading your older versions of NiceLabel to NiceLabel 10, you might find some backward compatibility issues.



Control Center database backward compatibility

You can upgrade Control Center database from previous versions to Control Center 10, but you can't directly revert Control Center 10 to previous versions.

To preserve your older version database, create a database backup before upgrading to Control Center 10. If you want to revert your Control Center 10 to the previous version, use your database backup after you revert your Control Center.

Improved printer licensing in NiceLabel 10

NiceLabel 10 introduces counting shared and network printers differently than previous versions.

Counting LPR printers

In previous versions, all LPR printers on the same server took one printer license.

NiceLabel 10 each LPR printer counts as a separate printer license.

Counting shared printers

NiceLabel 10 uses a more accurate method of counting shared printers.

NiceLabel 10 counts shared printers based on:

  • Server name (where the printer is shared)

  • Shared printer name

Example 3. Example:


Counting printers:

  • Installing a shared printer from \\myServer\myShredPrinter on multiple computers uses 1 printer license.

  • Printing directly from the server uses an additional license.

  • Computer aliases like \\myServer.myDomain\mySharedPrinter use additional license seat.

Print Management data migration in Control Center

When you upgrade your Control Center from an older version (for example from V2019 to V10), Print Management data doesn't migrate automatically. To migrate Printer Management data do the following:

See Control Center Installation Guide topic for instructions about Print Management data migration.

Archiving the history of printed events in Control Center via Table Partitioning

Table Partitioning procedure changed from previous versions. See the dedicated KB article for detailed procedures.