Printer Management data migration from older versions of Control Center

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When you upgrade your Control Center from an older version (for example from V2019 to V10), Print Management data doesn't migrate automatically. To migrate Printer Management data do the following:

  1. Upgrade your Control Center to the latest version.

  2. Upgrade all NiceLabel modules to the latest version and connect them to your Control Center.

  3. In Control Center go to Printer Management > Printers.

  4. Click Add > Import printers.

  5. Select printers and follow the wizard. The wizard automatically selects printer groups based on your existing Printer Management data. If printers are not available, wait for workstations to report printer data to Control Center.

There are some limitations and differences in the new Printer Management compared to the previous versions.

  • In previous versions, Groups included print queues while in the new version Groups includes printers (devices).

  • In previous versions, print queues could belong to multiple groups. In the new version, printers belong to just one group.

  • In previous versions, Printer Management supported dynamic groups (by printer name or status). New Printer Management group membership is static.

  • The group for the imported printers is first determined based on static groups. If new Printer Management doesn't find any group, dynamic groups are created (but only by printer name, not by status). .