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  1. Complete the Introductory setup steps.

  2. Select the modules you wish to install.

    Module Selection.png
  3. Select how you are going to run Automation.

  4. Define the installation path and decide if you want to share your usage data with NiceLabel or not. Anonymous usage data helps NiceLabel improve the applications and therefore increase your productivity.

    Installation Options.png
  5. Click Next to continue. You are ready to install NiceLabel 10.

  6. Start the installation. Click Install.

  7. Run NiceLabel 10. The initial trial dialog window opens:

    Software Activation Selection.png

    These options are available:

  8. After clicking Start Trial, the NiceLabel 10 product level selection dialog window appears:

    Designer Product Level Selection.png
  9. Select which product level you wish to evaluate:

    • PowerForms allows you to design responsive labels and print forms that streamline printing and eliminate errors. This is the most comprehensive product level with the richest feature set.

    • Pro allows you to design and print responsive labels with dynamic content. For demanding users.

    • Express allows you to quickly design and print universal label templates. Simplicity and efficiency are the main characteristics of this product level.

      The NiceLabel 10 landing page opens. After you decide to activate NiceLabel 10, click Activate License in the Software Information section. This opens the NiceLabel 10 activation dialog.