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If you are running the NiceLabel Label Management System (on-premises LMS) in your company, you can activate your copy of NiceLabel 10 by connecting to your Control Center. This also pairs your NiceLabel 10 installation with Control Center and makes it part of your company's LMS.


You cannot connect and activate NiceLabel 10 using an inactive Control Center. Activate Control Center first.

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  1. Complete the Introductory Setup Steps.

  2. After the NiceLabel 10 activation window opens, click Activate.

  3. Type the URL address of your Control Center. To check if your Control Center is accessible, click Check connection.

    • The Check your connection window opens.

    • The status indications tell you if your Control Center is accessible or not.



      To connect to your Control Center, you need a working Internet connection. If your Control Center is behind a firewall, open the outbound ports.


      If you are experiencing connection issues, follow instructions from the dialog.

  4. Click Connect. Your NiceLabel 10 is now active and ready.


    If your Control Center uses the application authentication, the sign-in window appears first. Authenticate yourself using your Control Center credentials.

    Activation app authentication.png