Applications give you access to the latest versions of approved label templates and Solutions. Applications you open automatically update so you can immediately use up-to-date Solutions and print the correct labels.

Before you start working with shared Applications, install Web Client on your computer. Web Client installation is necessary only before using the shared web applications for the first time.

  1. Open your browser and type this address (your Web Printing URL):


    ... where server is the name of the server that hosts your Control Center.

  2. You land on the Web Printing page. If you haven't installed any Applications before, click the link to download and install Web Client on your desktop.

    If you are an Application user or a member of an Application group, the login window opens. Enter your user name and password that your Control Center administrator assigned to you.

  3. If you are authorized to use more than one Application, the Applications selection dialog asks you which Application do you want to run. Select the preferred Application and click Run web application.


Your Application opens in NiceLabel Web Client and it's ready to use.

If you (an Application User or member of an Application Group) selected the Remember me option (step 3) while signing in, your Application window displays your user name in the Application's title bar. If there are other users working with shared Applications on your computer, you can click Sign out (in your user menu) and the next user must sign in using their own user name and password assigned to them by your Control Center administrator. By clicking on your user name you access your user menu.


From the user menu, you can:

  • Switch between your multiple shared Applications.

  • Get notified about minor Web Client updates.

Print operators can access Web Client and your shared Applications by entering your Web Printing URL in the browser or from their computer's start menu. Depending on your User privileges, you can also access your Applications from the Login page and from the Control Center's Dashboard page.


Make a bookmark in your browser If you receive Applications from different Control Center deployments.