Application Users

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When inviting your organization members to the Label Management System, you must first define them as users. The Users page allows you to centrally manage your users - you can add and group your Application and Windows AD users, assign them privileges, and share Applications with them.

Adding Users


To add new web application user:

  1. Go to Users > Users

  2. Click Add User. First Select Windows AD user or Application user.

    Under Settings, type in the required user information. If you selected Application user, define username/password using which the application users logs in to your Control Center.


    If you defined additional password settings, the users must follow your password complexity rules. These can include character types, number of characters, etc.

  3. If you selected Application user, you can add your user to one or more of your application groups under Application Groups.


    Before you can add your users to your Application Groups, first create your groups as described in the Groups topic.

  4. Under Applications, you can immediately start sharing your label templates or Applications from your Control Center with your users.

  5. Under Access Roles, you can assign appropriate Access Roles to your users. Access Roles allow you to control the User Privileges in your NiceLabel Cloud.

    1. Click Add. The Add Access Roles dialog opens. Select the role(s) for your guest user.

    2. Click OK.


    To see the granted privileges for each access role, go to Users > Access Roles > click on the role. You can view granted permissions for this particular Access Role under Permissions for this Role.

  6. By default, the users' status is set to Active. Keep the status active to allow your user to log into your Control Center.

  7. Click Save.

Your invited Application users can now log in to your Control Center with the username and the password you provided.

Access Roles


The Users page allows you to assign Access Roles to your added users. This is how you define the level of privileges your newly added user has in Control Center. Read more about the Access Roles and the related User Privileges in the section Managing User Privileges.

To assign Access Roles to your application user:

  1. Go to Users > Users

  2. Click on the user from the list. The user configuration page opens.

  3. Under Access Roles click Add.

  4. The Add Roles dialog opens. The available Access Roles are listed. Assign your user the appropriate role(s).

  5. Click OK.

  6. Click Save.

Your user is now a member of the selected Access Role with all the corresponding User Privileges.