Once you define your Users, it is a good idea to group your users. Groups help you organize your users based on the department, role, or any other organizational group they are working for. Grouping user makes it easier for you to assign privileges, and to share your Applications with multiple users at once.


Application Users and Application Groups refer to users you define in NiceLabel. Application users and groups are different than users and groups you define within your Windows domain or Active Directory. You can use Application users and groups if your environment is configured without Windows Active Directory.

Creating Groups

By creating groups, you can control which groups of users can access Web Applications you create in Control Center.

To create a new group:

  1. Open Control Center.

  2. Go to Users > Groups.

  3. Click Add. The Create New Group window opens.

  4. Based on your Group Type additional selections and settings open below.

  5. Give your new group a Name or select AD group. Enter also a description and email address.

    By default, the Application Group's status is set to Active.

  6. If you selected Application Group, add Application Users to your group.

  7. Add Access Roles to your group or skip this step and add them later.


    If you skip the Access Roles setting, users in this group will have administrator rights.

  8. Add Web Applications that users in this group will run.

  9. Click Save.

Your new Group is ready and listed. Click group names to change or update your group data.



When you remove your Active Directory Group from Groups in Control Center, Windows AD group remains in your system, but all access rights and web applications rights are removed from Control Center.

When you remove your Application Group from Groups, Control Center removes the application group, access rights, and application rights.

Adding Application Users to Application Groups


You can add a single Application User to multiple Application Groups.


Before you add your users to your groups, you must first add them to Application Users.

To add Application Users to your group:

  1. Go to Users > Users.

  2. Click on a user name from your list. The user configuration page opens.

  3. Under Application Groups, click Add.

  4. The Add Application Groups dialog opens. Select a group or groups from your list.

  5. Click OK. Your user now belongs to your selected group.

  6. Click Save.

Your Application User is now Added to your Application Group and has access to Web Applications in your group.