[en] Understanding Printer Settings and DEVMODE



[en] DEVMODE data structure is part of the GDI Print API structure in Windows. This section includes highly technical content, relevant only for specific requirements.

[en] Whenever you print labels with NiceLabel software (or any document in Windows applications for that matter), the printing application reads printer settings as defined in the printer driver and applies them to the print job. The same label can be printed using different printers just by selecting another printer driver. Each time, printer settings of a newly selected printer apply to the label.

[en] Printing a text document using two different laser printers usually produces the same or at least a comparable result. Printing labels using two different label printers can produce very inconsistent results. To produce comparable results, the same label file might require additional printer driver settings, such as adjustment of offsets, speed, and temperature of printing. NiceLabel also applies printer settings to every printout. By default, printer settings are saved inside the label file for the selected printer.