[en] Entering Special Characters (Control Codes)


[en] Special characters or control codes are binary characters that are not represented on the keyboard. You cannot type them the way normal characters are because they must be encoded using a special syntax. You would need to use such characters when communicating with serial-port devices, receiving data on TCP/IP port, or when working with binary files, such as print files.

[en] There are two methods of entering special characters:

  • [en] Enter the characters manually using one of the described syntax examples:

    • [en] Use syntax <special_character_acronim>, such as <FF> for FormFeed, or <CR> for CarriageReturn, or <CR><LF> for newline.

    • [en] Use syntax <#hex_code>, such as <#0D> (decimal 13) for CarriageReturn or <#00> for null character.

    [en] For more information, see section List of Control Codes.

  • [en] Insert the listed characters. Objects that support special characters as their content have an arrow button on their right side. The button contains a shortcut to all of the available special characters. When you select a character in the list, it is added to the content. For more information, see section Using Compound Values.