[en] Access to Network Shared Resources


[en] This section defines best practice steps for using network shared resources.

  • [en] User privileges for service mode. The execution component of NiceLabel Automation runs in service mode under a specified user account inheriting access privileges of that account. For NiceLabel Automation to be able to open label files and user printer drivers, the associated user account must have granted the same privileges. For more information, see section Running in Service Mode.

  • [en] UNC notation for network shares. When accessing the file on a network drive, make sure you are using the UNC syntax (Universal Naming Convention), and not the mapped drive letters. UNC is a naming convention that specifies and maps network drives. NiceLabel Automation tries to replace the drive-letter syntax with UNC syntax automatically.

    例 95. 示例

    [en] If a file is accessible as G:\Labels\label.nlbl, refer to it in UNC notation as \\server\share\Labels\label.nlbl (where G: drive is mapped to \\server\share).

  • [en] Notation for accessing files in Control Center. If you open a file in Document Storage within Control Center, you can use HTTP notation such as http://servername:8080/label.nlbl, or WebDAV notation such as \\servername@8080\DavWWWRoot\label.nlbl.

    [en] Additional notes:

    • [en] User account under which the NiceLabel Automation service runs is also used to get files from Document Storage. This user must be configured in Control Center Configuration. This makes sure the user has access to the Document Storage files.

    • [en] WebDAV access can only be used with Windows user authentication type in Control Center.


    [en] The Document Storage is available with products LMS Enterprise and LMS Pro.

  • [en] Printer drivers availability. To print labels to network shared printer, you will have to make the printer driver available on the server where NiceLabel Automation is installed on. Make sure the user account that NiceLabel Automation Service runs under has access to the printer driver. If the network printer was just installed on the machine, NiceLabel Automation might not see it until your restart the Service. To allow automatic notification of new network printer drivers, you have to enable the appropriate inbound rule in the Windows firewall. For more information, see the Knowledge Base article.