[en] High-availability (Failover) Cluster


[en] NiceLabel Automation supports Microsoft high-availability (fail-over) cluster. A fail-over cluster is a group of independent computers that work together to increase the availability of label printing through NiceLabel Automation. The clustered servers (called nodes) are connected by physical cables and by software. If one or more of the clustered nodes fail, other nodes begin to provide service (a process known as fail-over). In addition, the clustered roles are proactively monitored to verify that they are working properly. If they are not working, they are restarted or moved to another node. The clients providing data connect to the IP address that belongs to the entire cluster, and not to the individual node IP addresses.

[en] To enable NiceLabel Automation to perform in a high-availability cluster, do the following:

  • [en] Set up Microsoft Failover Clustering feature on your Windows Servers.

  • [en] Install NiceLabel Automation on each node.

  • [en] Enable fail-over cluster support in NiceLabel Automation properties on each node.

    [en] Do the following:

    1. [en] Open File > Options > Automation.

    2. [en] Under Cluster Support group, enable Failover Cluster Support.

    3. [en] Browse for the folder, located outside of both nodes, but still accessible with full access privileges to NiceLabel Automation software. Important system files that both nodes need will be copied to this folder.

  • [en] Configure the cluster to start NiceLabel Automation on the second node in case the master node is down.

[en] See the detailed description about configuring Automation failover cluster in our KB article.