[en] Using Compound Values


[en] Some objects in trigger configuration accept compound values. Such content can be a mixture of fixed values, variables and special characters (control codes). The objects accepting compound values are identified by a small arrow button to the right side of the object. Click the arrow button to insert either a variable or a special character.

  • [en] Using fixed values: Manually enter a fixed value for the variable.

    This is fixed value.
  • [en] Using fixed values and data from variables: You can define a compound value, combined of variable and fixed values. The variable names must be enclosed in square brackets []. You can enter variables manually, or insert them by clicking the arrow button to the right. At processing time, the values of variables are merged together with fixed data and used as the content. For more information, see section Tips and Tricks for Using Variables in Actions.

    [en] In this case, the content merges three variables and manually entered fixed data.

    [variable1] // This is fixed value [variable2][variable3]
  • [en] Using special characters: You can add special characters to the mix. Enter the special characters manually or insert them. For more information, see section Entering Special Characters.

    [en] In this case, the value of variable1 is merged with fixed data and form-feed binary character.

    [variable1] Form feed will follow this fixed text <FF>