[en] Setting Label and Printer Names from Input Data


[en] Typically, filters extract values from the received data and send them to label variables for printing. In such cases, label or printer names are hard-coded into the actions. For example, Open Label action hard-codes the label name, and Set Printer action hard-codes the printer name. However, the input data can also provide meta-data. These are the values used inside the NiceLabel Automation processing, but not printed on the label, such as label name, printer name, label quantity, etc.

[en] To use the values of meta-data fields in the print process, do the following.

  1. [en] Filter reconfiguration: Define new fields for the input data to extract the meta-data fields as well.

  2. [en] Variable definition: Manually define the variables to store the meta-data since they don't exist on the label and cannot be imported. Use intuitive names, such as LabelName, PrinterName, and Quantity. You are free to use any variable name.

  3. [en] Mapping reconfiguration: Manually configure the Use Data Filter action to map meta-fields to new variables.

  4. [en] Action reconfiguration: Reconfigure Open Label action to open the label specified by variable LabelName, and Set Printer action to use the printer as specified by the PrinterName variable.