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[en] Below is the summarized version of the installation procedure. For more information, see the NiceLabel Automation Installation Guide.

[en] Before you begin with the installation, make sure your infrastructure is compatible with System Requirements.

[en] To install NiceLabel Automation, do the following:

  • [en] Download the installation file from NiceLabel website, then run the downloaded executable file.

  • [en] Insert NiceLabel DVD.

    1. [en] Main application menu starts automatically.

      [en] If the main application menu does not start, double click the START.EXE file on the DVD.

    2. [en] Click Install NiceLabel.

    3. [en] Follow Setup Wizard prompts.

      [en] During the installation, Setup prompts for user name under which NiceLabel Automation service is going to run under. Make sure you select a real user name, because the service inherits privileges associated with that specific user name. For more information, see section Running in Service Mode.