[en] Using the Same User Account to Configure and Run Triggers


[en] NiceLabel Automation Service always runs under credentials of the user account configured for the service. However, Automation Builder always runs under credentials of the currently logged-in user. The credentials of service account and currently logged-in account might be different.

[en] While you can preview the trigger in Automation Builder without any issues, the Service might report an error message caused by credentials mismatch. While the currently logged-in user has permissions to access folders and printers, the user account that the Service uses might not.

[en] You can test the execution of triggers in Automation Builder using the same credentials as Service does. To do so, run Automation Builder under the same user account as defined for the Service.

[en] To run Automation Builder under a different user account, do the following:

  1. [en] Press and hold Shift key, then right click the Automation Builder icon.

  2. [en] Select Run as different user.

  3. [en] Enter the credentials for the same user, as used in NiceLabel Automation Service.

  4. [en] Click OK.

[en] If you plan to frequently run Automation Builder under credentials of the other user account, see the Windows-provided command-line utility RUNAS. Use the switches /user to specify the user account, and /savecred. The latter allows you to enter the password only once, and then it is remembered for the next time.