[en] Using Store/Recall Printing Mode


[en] Store and Recall printing mode optimizes the printing process. It enhances printer response by reducing the amount of data that needs to be sent during repetitive printing tasks.

[en] With store and recall mode activated, NiceLabel Automation does not need to resend the complete label data for each printout. Instead, the labels (templates) are stored in the printer memory. Fixed objects are stored as such, while placeholders are defined for the variable objects. NiceLabel Automation only sends data for variable label objects and the recall commands. The printer applies received data in the placeholders on the stored label and prints the label by recalling it from the memory. Typically, a few bytes of data are sent to the printer, compared to a few kilobytes as would be the case during normal printing.

[en] The action consists of two processes:

  • [en] Store label: During this process, the application creates a description of the label template formatted in the selected printer's command language. When done, the application sends the created command file to the printer memory and stores it. You can store a label from label designer or from NiceLabel Automation using the Store label to printer action.


    [en] The label must have the store and recall printing mode defined in its properties before you can store it to printer.

  • [en] Recall (print) label: A label stored in the printer memory is printed out immediately. Using the recall process, NiceLabel Automation creates another command file to instruct the printer which label from its memory should be printed. The actual amount of data sent to the printer depends on the current situation. For fixed labels without any variable contents, the recall command file only contains the recall label command. For variable labels that contain variable fields, the command file includes the values for these variables and the recall label command.

    [en] To recall a label from NiceLabel Automation just use one of the usual printing actions. When executed, the action analyzes the label and enables the appropriate printing mode: normal print or recall print, as defined in the label.


[en] Before activating this mode, make sure the appropriate printer driver is selected for the label printer. Not all label printers have the ability to use the store and recall printing mode. The printer driver for which the label was created in the label designer must also be installed on the machine where NiceLabel Automation is running.