[en] Cannot run NiceLabel programs after your Loftware Cloud account was removed

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[en] Problem

[en] You were running NiceLabel with the Loftware Cloud license option. Your Loftware Cloud account was removed and when you try to start NiceLabel applications, you get the error message: "You are not authorized to run this program".


[en] Solution

[en] Delete the NiceLabel configuration file where your license information is stored.

  1. [en] Open the Windows Services application (type “Services” in the Start menu).

  2. [en] Navigate to NiceLabel Proxy Service 10 and stop the service.

  3. [en] In your File Explorer navigate to the folder c:\ProgramData\NiceLabel\NiceLabel 10 and create a backup of the product.config file.

  4. [en] Open the original product.config file in a text or XML editor.

  5. [en] Delete the entire <LmsCloud> node.

  6. [en] Save the edited product.config file.

  7. [en] In the Services application, start NiceLabel Proxy Service 10.

[en] Now you can start and activate your NiceLabel application.