[en] Cannot use data from FoxPro database tables

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[en] Problem

[en] NiceLabel does not have a native database driver for FoxPro databases (.DBF).

[en] Solution

[en] Solution 1 (recommended)

[en] Install the appropriate ODBC driver.

[en] Create your Data Source Name (DSN) in ODBC Data Source Administrator. This utility is located in Administrative Tools in Control Panel. Then use this DNS as the ODBC source in NiceLabel software.

[en] Solution 2

[en] If you do not have the ODBC driver for FoxPro installed on the system, you can convert your FoxPro database to some other database format for which the driver is available.

  1. [en] Open Microsoft Excel.

  2. [en] In Excel open FoxPro database. Use the Open command in the File menu. The data from FoxPro table displays in the spreadsheet.

  3. [en] Select the command Save As from the File menu and save the database in the .dbf (dBase) file format.

  4. [en] Start NiceLabel software and use the database wizard to link to the converted database.