[en] Run your printing form at startup

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[en] Problem

[en] You would like to automatically start your printing form when your system starts.

[en] Solution

[en] Create and copy your printing form shortcut to the Startup folder:

  1. [en] Open your printing solution in NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

  2. [en] Click Customize Print icon, then click Create Shortcut for Printing.

  3. [en] The File Explorer window opens. Select a folder to create your printing form shortcut, then click Save.

    [en] This is only a temporary location of the shortcut. In the next steps, you'll move the shortcut to the Startup folder.

  4. [en] Press <Windows> + <R> keys. The Run window opens.

  5. [en] Type shell:startup in the edit field, then press OK.

  6. [en] The Startup folder opens. Copy or move your printing form shortcut to the Startup folder.

[en] At the next system restart, your printing form will automatically open.

[en] To disable opening the printing form at startup, remove the shortcut from the Startup folder.