[en] Create label variants - final labels

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[en] Problem

[en] You use Workflows in NiceLabel Control Center to approve your label templates and data on your labels. You want to lock your data source values so future database changes do not affect the data on labels you print.

[en] Solution

[en] NiceLabel Automation and Designer PowerForms include the Create Label Variant action. This action creates read-only label variant files (.nlbl) with fixed data for printing. You can create label variants with data down to the SKU level.


[en] Using Create Label Variant locks your data source values. To exclude any data sources from being locked, list them under Print time data sources to keep them active on review-ready labels. Printer operators can define values (like LOT numbers, production dates, and expiration dates) at print time.

[en] Create Label Variant saves your label variants to the destination you choose in Action settings. Save your label variants in Control Center Documents in a folder with Workflow enabled. Each label variant is created as a Draft. Print operators can print when your approvers change your label variants to Approved.

[en] You can also create label variants on your local or network drive, but you lose the advantage of the approval process.

[en] Label variant properties:

  • [en] Counter variables, functions, database fields, and global variables convert to fixed values (except prompt variables that you exclude in the Print time data sources setting).

  • [en] Graphics are embedded in your label variant files.

  • [en] Label variants stored in Documents storage are automatically checked in with original label names and print time data sources used as check-in comments.

  • [en] You can open and print read-only label variants in NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

  • [en] You can't import label variants in your solutions.

  • [en] If you store label variants in your printer memory, the Recall command only provides values for print time data sources.

  • [en] You can edit print time data sources using the Preview label in Documents.

  • [en] You can't set Current Time and Current Date variables as print time data sources on label variants.

[en] You can create several label variants with 1 action execution by combining the Create Label Variant action with Open Label and For Every Record actions. Executing this set of actions creates label variants with database values.


[en] When you set Output file names in Create Label Variant action settings, use unique database values, like product codes.


[en] Using label variants prevents you from printing labels with incorrect data. Before you can print, your Approvers confirm all your label data.