[en] Printing blank labels

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[en] Problem

[en] When you print a batch of labels, your printer prints blank labels:

  • [en] All labels print blank

  • [en] Only the first or the last label prints blank

  • [en] Labels print blank in the middle of the batch

  • [en] The first few labels print blank

[en] Solution

[en] First, check if you have installed the latest printer driver. If possible, use a Loftware driver.

[en] Most of the issues are printer-specific and can be resolved with the printer driver settings or label setup in NiceLabel Desktop Designer. In most cases it helps if you check and adjust the following settings in the printer driver and label setup:

  • [en] Backfeed

  • [en] Tear off

  • [en] Dispenser

  • [en] Media type (gap, black mark, continuous,...)

  • [en] Cutter

  • [en] Label dimensions

[en] All labels print blank
  • [en] The labels (media) might be loaded upside down. Please ensure your labels are loaded with the tearable side up.

  • [en] Some printers can print only to direct thermal media. Check your printer and media.

  • [en] To eliminate the problem with NiceLabel, print a test page from your printer driver. If printing is successful, try to print from Notepad.

[en] If printing from NiceLabel still results in blank labels, try to print to XPS or PDF.

[en] If the error persists, send your label template and print to file, to our support.

[en] Only the first or the last label prints blank

[en] In case only the first label prints blank, your printer probably tries to find the beginning of the label (media) using a sensor. The printer feeds the first (blank) label until the sensor detects the beginning of the next label. This is normal and, in most cases, can't be avoided.

[en] The other reason could be the enabled option in Label Properties > Batch Printing > Use header label or Use tail label. If the header or tail label is empty, your printer prints blank labels.

[en] Labels print blank in the middle of the batch

[en] In most cases, every second label prints blank, but the sequence can also be different.

  • [en] In NiceLabel Desktop Designer check Label Properties > Label Dimensions. If label dimensions are larger than your label (media) size, some printers will print a single label on two papers, leaving the second paper blank.

  • [en] In your Printer Preferences check Print Options > Offset. Accidentally setting offset may cause printing blank labels.

  • [en] Your printhead might be misaligned.

[en] The first few labels print blank

[en] Some printers feed up to three labels before each print job. This is normal. If this is not your printer's property, check the settings described at the beginning of the Solution section.