[en] Differences between NiceLabel 10 and NiceLabel 2019

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[en] NiceLabel 10 is built upon NiceLabel 2019 and shares the same core components.

[en] NiceLabel 2019 files are fully compatible with NiceLabel 10. You can use all your existing solutions from NiceLabel 2019 without any need for conversion or migration.

[en] NiceLabel 10 brings some changes and improvements. Some functionalities are processed differently than in NiceLabel 2019.

[en] For more information about what is new in NiceLabel 10, see Release Notes.

[en] Label design and print

[en] Online help center

[en] NiceLabel online help opens in your browser when you click Help or press F1 in NiceLabel programs.

[en] Support for "bar width reduction/pixel shaving" on barcodes

[en] Bar width reduction or pixel shaving is a method of adjusting the graphics output of barcodes to compensate for press gain. Press gain (or ink spread) is a common cause of poor barcode performance.

[en] With pixel shaving, barcodes print with less ink in fewer pixels, but the overall sizes and positions of barcodes stay within your specifications.

[en] MySQL databases managed through the MariaDB connection provider

[en] Previously, the MySQL database server was natively supported in NiceLabel. From this release, connectivity to the MySQL server is handled by the MariaDB connection provider.

[en] Updated support for data-encoding and business communication standards

[en] We updated support for GS1 general specifications. GS1 General Specifications V21.0.1 define the following new Application Identifiers: 4300, 4301, 4302, 4303, 4304, 4305, 4306, 4307, 4308, 4310, 4311, 4312, 4313, 4314, 4315, 4316, 4317, 4318, 4319, 4320, 4321, 4322, 4323, 4324, 4325, and 4326.

[en] We also updated support for Data Identifier and Application Identifier Standard ANSI MH10.8.2. In the update from February 11, 2021, the following data identifiers are new: 15N.

[en] Embedding fonts when creating PDF documents

[en] The Redirect Printing to PDF action has a new option to embed fonts in PDF. Enabling this option stores the fonts used in the label template inside the PDF document and ensures your label templates look consistent on every computer.

[en] Control Center Installation and activation

[en] Web Printing must be installed on the same computer with Control Center

[en] Previously, you could install Web Printing on any computer in your environment. With NiceLabel 10, you must install Web Printing on the same computer where you install Control Center.


[en] When upgrading from NiceLabel 2019, upgrade Control Center first followed by Web Printing.

[en] Control Center database installation without a sysadmin access role

[en] You can install the NiceAN database outside your main Control Center installer using the specialized stand-alone DBTool utility. DBTool allows you to fine-tune aspects of the database installer, including the ability to install NiceAN content on an existing empty database. Using DBTool does not require sysadmin permissions.


[en] The user that installs your database must be a dbowner of your NiceAN database with all database permissions.

[en] Updating license details

[en] You can update license information (company name, country, contact person, and email) from within Control Center by going to Administration > Product info > Update license details.

[en] Caching user data from Windows Active Directory

[en] To speed up responsiveness, NiceLabel supports an additional layer of caching AD results. The first time you validate any user, your user information is stored locally and is ready to use next time. By default, the cache is maintained for the last 100 signed-in users for 7 days. You can configure cache parameters to adjust default settings.

[en] Control Center and Loftware Cloud

[en] Redesigned user interface

[en] Control Center, the heart of the NiceLabel labeling platform, has been completely redesigned to provide you with more information and easier navigation on each of its pages (Dashboard, Documents, Applications, Integrations, Printers, History, Analytics, Users, and Administration). Designed with input from our channel partners and end-users, the revamped Control Center improves visibility over labeling operations, enhances responsiveness, and is more intuitive to use.

[en] Web-based printer management

[en] Online printer driver management is an integral part of printer driver provisioning. With our web-based printer management, you can:

  • [en] Upload printer driver packages into Control Center and then install printer drivers on computers with NiceLabel applications installed.

  • [en] Provide different driver package versions to different parts of your infrastructure.

  • [en] Upgrade printer drivers.

  • [en] Remove print queues from computers.

  • [en] Define or change printer settings (printing preferences).

  • [en] Live monitor your printing infrastructure.

  • [en] Print directly from the cloud without installing or maintaining any printer drivers on local computers (with Zebra and SATO printers).

[en] Enhanced Cloud-Based Security

[en] To enhance cloud-based security in Loftware Cloud, we've engaged Veracode to provide security and penetration testing. Veracode also completes weekly software check-ups to provide proactive reviews that can prevent security issues before they occur.

[en] Reprinting subset of a job containing multiple copies of the same label

[en] In this release, partial reprints are possible for print jobs that contain only copies of a single label. For example, if you print the same identical label 100 times, but some labels were damaged in the process and you need to reprint just a few copies of the same label.

[en] Optimized WebDAV performance

[en] The time needed to generate label previews has been significantly reduced thanks to a new underlying service to generate label previews.

[en] New cloud-based APIs

[en] NiceLabel 10 improves cloud connectivity with other business systems by adding new APIs for integrating Loftware Cloud with cloud-based or on-premise external business systems. Integrations using APIs allow you to access Loftware Cloud features directly from external business systems without logging in to NiceLabel directly.

[en] New Dynamics 365 connector

[en] NiceLabel 10 includes a new connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management, providing a pre-built integration with the popular ERP solution.

[en] Updated ABAP Package for SAP integrations with NiceLabel

[en] NiceLabel 10 includes an updated ABAP package that integrates SAP with NiceLabel to provide integrated labeling. The plug-in uses SAP programming language and allows transactions in SAP business systems to trigger label printing in Loftware Cloud and LMS with SAP master data. Version 4 of the ABAP package streamlines SAP integration with new features, including:

  • [en] Support for SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI).

  • [en] Process Information/Process Orchestration (PI/PO) enhancements (adding support for RFC destinations).

  • [en] Label Catalog generation through new Document APIs allowing you to view lists of labels in SAP (for Loftware CloudLMS still uses the older method of label catalog generation).

  • [en] Improved support for printing through multiple Automation print servers.

  • [en] Support for custom fields in inbound/outbound messages for easier custom integration extensions and enhanced functionality.