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[en] Client printers are the printer drivers installed on local client computers. This document refers to this user endpoint as the “client”. After NiceLabel starts running in a Citrix session, the client printers can be mapped in the session, and NiceLabel can also use them.

[en] Two types of printers can be available on the client:

  • [en] Locally connected printers. Typically, you would install the printer drivers for the printers connected to local ports, such as USB or LPT.

  • [en] Network-connected printers. The client might also have the drivers installed for the network printers. These printers also become visible in a session, which means NiceLabel can use them for printing. However, due to the way how Citrix reports technical details about the printer driver in the session, NiceLabel cannot uniquely identify network printers. Each Citrix session consumes a new printer seat for the same physical printer. Read [en] Best practices for Citrix environments to learn how to solve this issue.