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[en] NiceLabel multi-user products are supported in Citrix environments.

[en] For on-premise NiceLabel products, the multi-user NiceLabel license key is bound to a Windows domain name, to which all computers belong. The same license can also be used in other domains that have two-way trust relationship established to the main domain. You can install NiceLabel software on as many servers and clients as you want, and activate them using the same license. NiceLabel multi-user license does not count the number of your installations, but the number of printers that are used for label printing.

[en] For Cloud-based NiceLabel products, the same license is used no matter the Windows domain name and they also count the number of printers that are used for label printing.

[en] The unique identifier for a printer seat is a combination of the driver model name and its location. When the users print labels with NiceLabel to the same physical device, one license is consumed. Likewise, printing with a network-connected printer also consumes a license.

[en] For details about licensing, read our Licensing Guide.

[en] In a Citrix environment, NiceLabel cannot retrieve all information about the printer driver, specifically the location information (port name and/or IP address). This happens if the client merges local printer drivers into the Citrix session. Without the location information, the same printer used in different Citrix sessions is not recognized as the same device and consumes a printer seat with every printing.

[en] To learn how to configure your system to correctly count the printers in use, read [en] Best practices for Citrix environments.