[en] Generating and accessing print streams

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[en] Problem

[en] Print streams are files, coded in your printer language. You want to use your print streams in other applications or send them to our support team to trace possible printing errors.

[en] Solution

[en] Solution 1

[en] You can generate print streams in NiceLabel with:

  • [en] Print to file option in NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

  • [en] Redirect Printing to file action (followed by Print Label action) in Designer PowerForms.

  • [en] Redirect Printing to file action (followed by Print Label action) in Automation.

[en] Solution2

[en] You can generate print streams with Windows applications and options.

[en] Print streams are saved in Windows spooler. To generate and access print streams:

  1. [en] In Printers & Scanners select your printer.

  2. [en] Click Open queue.

  3. [en] Click Printer > Pause Printing.

  4. [en] Print your labels. Since your printer is paused, all print streams stay in the spooler.

  5. [en] To access your print streams, open the file location "c:\Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS\"


    [en] Run your file explorer as administrator to access your print streams.

[en] Your print streams have the extension ".SPL". Copy your print streams to some other location, then you can unpause your printer.