[en] Fix slow behavior when formatting allergens for food ingredients

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[en] Problem

[en] When you browse through the records in your solution for allergens, NiceLabel responds slowly. It takes a lot of time to switch between records. The delay increases with the number of records in your food database.

[en] The problem occurs because NiceLabel loads the whole database every time you switch the record in your allergen solution.

[en] Solution


[en] This solution doesn't work if you use Store/Recall printing mode. For Store/Recall printing, use our standard solution from Formatage des allergènes des ingrédients alimentaires.

[en] You can modify your existing allergen solution in NiceLabel Desktop Designer. The method is valid for all supported databases in allergen solutions.

[en] The described procedure is based on our sample with an Excel database. You can find sample allergen solutions if you open NiceLabel Desktop Designer and go to Help > Sample Files > Labels > Food > Food Allergens

  1. [en] Connect your allergen table to the existing database connection. Go to Dynamic Data Manager, then double-click your database. Add your table, then click OK.

  2. [en] Double-click the allergen table in the Databases section and go to the Data Retrieving tab.

  3. [en] Deselect Show record selection at print time.

  4. [en] Select the Collect records option and set comma character (,) as a Delimiter.

  5. [en] Deselect Limit number of collected records.

  6. [en] Double-click your allergen function.


    [en] The Function properties window opens.

  7. [en] Edit your VBscript. Use the FormatAllergens function name, instead of your existing name, like FormatAllergensFormatAllergensFromExcel. Change also the other syntax where you define your allergens:



[en] If you use an allergen solution with exclusions, connect your solution also with the exclusions table.

[en] Repeat steps 1-6 for your exclusions table. Change the syntax where you define your allergens and exclusions:



[en] You won't see highlighted allergens in the Desktop Designer's preview. To see correct previews, go to File > Print.