[en] The images print corrupted or TrueType fonts print blurred

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[en] Problem

[en] Your labels print images print with blurred edges or the filled areas are not consistent with black color.

[en] Solution

[en] Thermal printers print images in black and white (B&W) mode. If you use color or grayscale images on your label, Loftware drivers convert them in B&W before printing. The process is called dithering, and it prints pictures using black and white dots, creating the illusion of shades by varying the pattern of dots.

[en] The default dithering mode might not be the correct one for your images. You can select among different dithering modes or disable dithering.

[en] Options in NiceLabel Desktop Designer:

[en] You can change the dithering mode per label or individually per each Picture object on the label.

  1. [en] Select the Picture object in your label.

  2. [en] Open the object properties.

  3. [en] In Style tab, select the Dithering type.

    [en] When you select "Printer driver default" your printer driver settings apply. Read the next paragraph for details.

    [en] When you select any other dithering option in the list, NiceLabel Desktop Designer applies the selected dithering type.

[en] To change the dithering mode for the entire label (NiceLabel printer driver will do the dithering), do the following:

  1. [en] Open your label.

  2. [en] Make sure you use a NiceLabel printer driver for this label.

  3. [en] Click the Printer properties button on the left side of the selected printer name in the bottom part of the designer window.

    [en] The window with printer settings opens.

  4. [en] Click the Graphic options tab.

  5. [en] Change the Dithering level to suit your needs.

    [en] Clipart level usually yields the best results.

[en] Workaround

[en] You can convert color images to B&W with graphic software like Microsoft Paint or similar.