[en] Store and Recall Printing Mode

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[en] Problem

[en] Store and Recall printing mode is the method of optimized label printing.

[en] Solution


[en] Store and recall functionality is available only with Loftware drivers.

[en] In this mode, the software does not send the data for each label individually to the printer. The software sends only recall commands to the printer. Typically a few bytes of data is sent to the printer, compared to a few kilobytes with normal printing.

[en] Use the store and recall method, where high response and high-throughput are required.

[en] The label printing process consists of:

  • [en] Store label: During this process, the software creates a description of the label template formatted in the printer command language of the selected printer. For example, if you have a Zebra printer, the description is encoded into the ZPL file. The software then sends the created command file to the printer memory and stores it there. Once the label is stored in the printer, the label remains there until you format the printer memory or switch off the printer.

  • [en] Recall label: The label stored in the printer memory can be immediately printed out. Using the recall process the software creates another command file to instruct the printer which label from the memory to print. The recall label command contains only a few bytes of data.

    • [en] Fixed labels: If you have labels without any variable contents, the recall command file contains just the recall label command.

    • [en] Variable labels: If you have labels with some variable fields, the command file includes the variable values and the recall label command.

[en] All Loftware drivers support store and recall functionality. Store and recall is mainly used with direct marking printers like:

  • [en] Videojet

  • [en] Domino

  • [en] Linx

  • [en] Rea Jet

  • [en] Koenig & Bauer

  • [en] Hitachi

[en] Some thermal printers also support store and recall, among them are:

  • [en] Zebra

  • [en] SATO

  • [en] Avery Dennison

  • [en] Toshiba TEC

  • [en] NOVEXX Solutions

  • [en] CAB

  • [en] TSC

[en] Limitations:

[en] Store/recall printing mode is not available when you use:

  • [en] Web label design (more labels across)

  • [en] Variable label size

  • [en] Header/tail printing

  • [en] Multiband

  • [en] Advanced anchoring