[en] Seeing live statuses of the network label printer using the Advanced Port Monitor

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[en] Problem

[en] NiceLabel software and Loftware drivers allow bidirectional communication with your printers. Printers report statuses to NiceLabel. The status messages depend on the brand/model of your label printer and printer capabilities. Some printers report simple statuses like OK and Error, while others report Out of ribbon, Out of labels, or Ribbon near end.

[en] NiceLabel can communicate with your printer if:

  • [en] Your printer enables bidirectional communication.

  • [en] Loftware driver for your printer enables bidirectional communication.

  • [en] Your printer is connected to the bidirectional port.

  • [en] You are using Loftware's Advanced Port Monitor, if your printer is connected to the ethernet network.

[en] Solution

[en] LPT, COM, or USB ports support bidirectional communication without additional settings. You have to enable bidirectional support in the Printer properties > Port tab.

[en] If you have a network label printer, you must install an additional component because the Standard TCP/IP Port Monitor for network printers does not support bidirectional communication. To see network printer statuses in NiceLabel, install Loftware port monitor – Advanced Port Monitor. You can install it during the installation of Loftware drivers.

[en] To install the Advanced Port Monitor:

  1. [en] Download Loftware driver for your printer.

  2. [en] Start the driver installation.

  3. [en] Click Network Port.

  4. [en] The installer detects your existing network printers. Click Manual, then select your printer driver.

  5. [en] Select Create a new network port and click Next.

  6. [en] Enter the port properties: Port Name, IP address, and Port Number (usually 9100).

  7. [en] Click Next and finish the installation of Loftware drivers.

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