[en] Cannot access Document Storage from the client

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[en] Problem

[en] When you connect to the Document Storage from a NiceLabel client using the Browse window, you might have trouble seeing the contents of the Document Storage. You might receive the following error message:

[en] http://<your_ControlCenter_server_name>:8080

[en] The above file name is invalid

[en] Solution

[en] The reason for the failed access to the Document Storage is insufficient system support for the WebDAV (Web Folders). NiceLabel cannot connect to the Document Storage listening to the port 8080 on the server with NiceLabel installed.

[en] Installation of NiceLabel client warns you about missing support for WebDAV. If you disregard the message and do not install the update, this error appears and renders access to the Document Storage.

[en] To solve the problem, install WebDAV support for your Windows system. Refer to the Control Center Installation Guide.

[en] You can also see KB article Installing support for WebDAV to access documents inside Document Storage.