[en] NiceLabel 2017 software stops responding because of a fault in the module ltc game64*.dll

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[en] Problem

[en] When running any NiceLabel software (Designer, Automation Builder, PowerForms,...) a problem might occur that the application stopped responding after a few minutes of usage. When you restart the application, the same incident occurs again. The component causing the problem is the ltc_game*.dll file.

[en] Solution

[en] When the NiceLabel application abruptly stops, it logs the details into the Windows Event Viewer. If you investigate the problem details in the Event Viewer > Windows Logs > Application, you see more information about the problem.

[en] In this case, you see Faulting module path containing a value such as:


[en] NiceLabel software was closed because of the fault of the third-party component installed on your computer. You can see that the faulting .DLL file belongs to the Raptr software. This is NOT NiceLabel's file.

[en] Raptr is the add-on component to your graphical card drivers that "makes PC gaming fast, beautiful, and hassle-free" and delivers a free video recording for gamers.

[en] To resolve the problem, do any of the following:

  1. [en] Uninstall Raptr. Maybe you do not need this software on the label design/production computer. Raptr might have been installed bundled with the drivers for your graphic card if you accepted all software options during the driver installation

  2. [en] Update Raptr to the latest available version and try again.