[en] Designing the Unicode multi-lingual label templates

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[en] Problem

[en] You want to print text elements using Unicode characters. For example, Greek, Arabic, and Cyrillic.

[en] Solution

[en] NiceLabel software supports Unicode processing on all supported Windows operating systems.

[en] Make sure you have appropriate language support enabled in your operating system, i.e. install Chinese keyboard support if you want to use Chinese characters on the label and Russian keyboard to use Cyrillic letters.

[en] The advantages of Unicode support are:

  • [en] Prompted multi-lingual text elements.

    [en] You can use different language formatting inside the same text element. NiceLabel software recognizes and prints such fields correctly. If you change the input language on your keyboard, you can immediately enter the contents for the same element in your new language.

  • [en] Database multi-lingual fields.

    [en] The Unicode database field can contain characters from different languages at the same time. You are not limited to using separate fields for separate languages.

  • [en] Automatic handling of Unicode data.

    [en] You can transfer the data from other Unicode sources to NiceLabel software using Copy/Paste functionality. NiceLabel identifies the characters as Unicode-encoded data and processes them properly.

[en] All modules in the NiceLabel software are Unicode-aware applications. You can print your labels from NiceLabel Desktop Designer, Automation, or using Web applications.