[en] Graphical objects do not print correctly

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[en] Problem

[en] The graphical objects on your labels print incorrectly, in the wrong sizes, wrong positions, or blurred.

[en] Solution

[en] Here are some common reasons and solutions for bad printing:

  • [en] Printer DPI resolution Your printer driver has a different DPI setting than your printer.

    [en] Make sure the DPI setting in the driver matches your printer DPI. Some printers have the same names but with different DPI at the end of the names (203dpi or 300dpi). Usually, incorrect DPI results in graphics being either too small, too big, or incorrectly positioned.

  • [en] Graphic compression Some printers allow different compression methods. Higher compression allows faster data transfer to the printer. If compression is not set correctly, graphics print with errors, and the entire printout is corrupted. If possible, select a different compression option.

  • [en] Graphic download Depending on the printer model, NiceLabel can send graphics to your printer either as a separate download or during the print process. In case of a separate download, your printer can run out of memory and the graphics may be missing on the printout.

    [en] In this case, use the “direct print” option.

  • [en] Graphic positioning Driver positioning calculation can generate label print streams, where parts of graphics are not exactly aligned with each other. This usually occurs due to rounding issues within the calculation.

    [en] To solve this, go to Label Properties > Printer tab and enable Combine non-printer elements into one graphic when sent to printer.