[en] No live printer status or label printing history is available in Control Center for the connected workstation

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[en] Problem

[en] One of the main tasks of Control Center is to collect the information coming from the connected workstations, like the printers' live statuses, the number of jobs waiting in the spooler; and data about label printing history.

[en] If you do not see any data coming from your workstation to Control Center, the connection between the two is broken. Both, Control Center and the workstation must "see" each other to successfully exchange the data. The workstation must be able to send the data to Control Center, but must also be able to accept commands from Control Center.

[en] Solution

[en] Verify the following:

  1. [en] Your workstation must be activated with the license from Control Center. If you activate the workstation with the stand-alone license (software key or hardware key) or with a NiceLabel Network license, it will not communicate with Control Center.

  2. [en] The workstation must see Control Center.

    [en] By default, the Control Center responds on the TCP port 80 (regular Web traffic). Try to open some other Web page to verify that your local firewall allows outgoing connections.

    [en] The workstation must be able to connect to Control Center (TCP port 80) and send the data. Verify that Control Center accepts connections on TCP port 80:

    [en] - IIS server on the computer with Control Center installed must be up and running.

    [en] - The computer must allow incoming connections to port 80. Usually, this is enabled by default. IIS server has the role of ‘Application server' enabled, so the TCP port 80 is open.

  3. [en] Make sure Control Center can see the workstations.

    [en] Control Center sends commands for managing printers to the workstations.

  4. [en] If you print with Automation, open TCP port 56416 on a computer where Automation is installed.