[en] NiceLabel software does not start because of insufficient user rights

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[en] Problem

[en] When you start your NiceLabel software for the first time, the NiceLabel splash screen immediately disappears, and nothing happens.

[en] Solution


[en] Set full access permissions to the ProgramData\ folder for the user running NiceLabel software. Contact your system administrator if you are unable to change the access permissions.

[en] Follow these steps to change the access permissions:

  1. [en] Open File Explorer (Windows Explorer).

  2. [en] Go to the View tab and enable the option Hidden items.

  3. [en] Browse to the following folder:

    [en] c:\ProgramData\NiceLabel\

    [en] or

    [en] enter the address line:

    [en] %PROGRAMDATA%\NiceLabel\

  4. [en] Right-click the NiceLabel folder and select Properties from the menu.

  5. [en] Go to the Security tab and click Edit.

  6. [en] Click the Add button.

  7. [en] Enter your username, then click OK.

  8. [en] Select the username you have just added to the list.

  9. [en] Enable the option Full Control, then click OK.

[en] Your NiceLabel software should now start fine.


[en] Some installation files might be corrupted, so NiceLabel software cannot access them.

[en] Reinstall NiceLabel software.