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[en] Problem

[en] To connect to the Oracle database and use the data in NiceLabel software, install and configure the Oracle client software on each computer where NiceLabel is installed.

[en] Solution

[en] There are two providers for the Oracle database. Microsoft OLE DB provider for Oracle, which is discontinued and not supported anymore DO NOT USE THIS PROVIDER.

[en] Use Oracle Provider for OLE DB.

[en] Installing the client

[en] The Oracle Provider for OLE DB is included in the bundle download from the Oracle site. Provider's name is "Oracle Data Access Components (ODAC)".

[en] Install the appropriate release (32 or 64 bit) according to your version of Windows.

[en] Configuring the client

[en] After running the installer and completing the installation, you still can't connect to your database.

[en] Edit a config file named tnsnames.ora, where you specify the address and port of the database you want to connect to.

[en] To edit this file, navigate to the folder where Oracle is installed. The default location is "C:\app".

[en] The tnsnames.ora file is located in


[en] Where:

  • [en] [user] is the Windows user who installed the client.

  • [en] [version] is the version of the client installed.

[en] Usually, the administrator in your company provides this file.

[en] Example of tnsnames.ora content:

XE =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = W2003Oracle.GALAXY.europlus.local)(PORT = 1521))
  • [en] XE: The custom name for this connection. This name is used when you connect the database from NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

  • [en] ADDRESS: The address of the Oracle server.

  • [en] PORT: 1521 by default, but you can change it.

  • [en] SERVICE_NAME: The administrator provides the server service name.

[en] Testing the Connection

[en] After you set up tnsnames.ora, test if the connection between clients and the Oracle server is established. Test the connection without using NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

[en] Run the following executable file on your computer:


[en] When prompted for a username, enter the username for the database and the custom name you gave this connection in tnsnames.ora. For example, Production@XE (where XE is the custom name in the tnsnames.ora).

[en] If everything is OK, you can make a connection in NiceLabel Desktop Designer.

[en] In Desktop Designer, set the Data Source name to the custom name used in tnsnames.ora.