[en] Limitations using Application Users in Control Center

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[en] Problem

[en] When enabling Application Authentication, the users and their passwords are defined in NiceLabel Control Center. Users must log in with the user name and password each time they start NiceLabel. The membership in the profiles determines what activity levels are allowed for the users in the applications, for example, read-only or full access.

[en] Solution

[en] When enabling the 'Application authentication' mode for Control Center, the following limitations apply:

[en] Version 10 and 2019:

  • [en] You cannot access Document Storage from File Explorer. From 2019.2 and newer versions, you can use the files from Document Storage directly in NiceLabel Desktop Designer. You can save the files from Desktop Designer and check out / check in the files from Desktop Designer.

[en] Version 2017:

  • [en] Accessing files in the Document Storage from the client. NiceLabel client applications cannot access the files in Document Storage directly. For example, the shortcut Document Storage in the File > Open dialog box does not display the contents of the Document Storage. Users have to download the respective files from the Control Center web application and save them locally before they can be used for printing or designing. This limitation breaks the seamless integration of Document Storage inside the clients.

  • [en] Label preview in the Document Storage. Label preview functionality doesn't display Picture objects that read the data from image files stored in the Document Storage.

[en] The above limitations apply because of the WebDAV technology, which cannot be bound with the NiceLabel authentication.