[en] My labels print in bad quality

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[en] Problem

[en] Problem 1

[en] Your labels print in bad quality (patchy graphics, texts, barcodes, or inconsistent coloring).

[en] Problem 2

[en] The barcodes on your labels print in bad quality.

[en] Solution

[en] Solution 1

[en] If your labels print in bad quality and you didn't change the label size or orientation, you can try the following:

  1. [en] Check your print settings.

    [en] Make sure the print settings are configured appropriately in the printer driver or NiceLabel Desktop Designer. Make sure the print speed and darkness settings are appropriate for the labels you use. You may need to adjust darkness to a higher value or change to a slower speed.

    [en] During printing, your printer takes the printer properties from your label or your printer driver.

    [en] To change the setting from your label:

    1. [en] Open Desktop Designer. In the Home tab, click Document Properties.

    2. [en] The Label Properties window opens. Go to the Printer section > Use printer properties saved in. From the drop-down menu, select Label.


    [en] If you use printer properties saved in the printer driver, click Printing preferences for your printer in Windows Settings. The Printer settings window opens. Click the purple pen icon next to the setting to select the Use settings set on printer option.

    [en] For more information, see Changing Printing preferences.

  2. [en] Check your label material and type.

    [en] Make sure you use high-quality label stock compatible with your printer. Low-quality or incompatible label material can result in poor print quality.

    [en] If your printer uses thermal transfer technology, make sure your label material is appropriate for thermal transfer printing.

    [en] If you replace your label material with another type (for example, you replace glossy material with matte), printing quality might change. In that case, you have to change your printer driver or label settings.

  3. [en] Clean the printhead.

    [en] Over time, the printhead can accumulate dust, debris, and ink residue, negatively affecting print quality. When you clean the printhead, use a soft, lint-free cloth and a small amount of isopropyl alcohol. When you clean, be gentle and avoid using excessive force.

  4. [en] Check the printer ribbon.

    [en] Check if the ribbon in your printer is adjusted correctly. The printer ribbon might get displaced after changing the label material.

  5. [en] Replace the consumables.

    [en] If steps 1–4 don't work, replace the printhead or other consumables that may have reached the end of their lifespan.

[en] For more information on bad printing troubleshooting, see:

[en] Solution 2

[en] Rotate the barcode for 90° in your label designing software.