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[en] Videojet

  • [en] Added support for two additional Date/Time masks: Day Code and Month Code for Videojet Clarity printers.

  • [en] Fixed issue with a rotated message on WSI printer models.

  • [en] Updated maximum width and height dimensions for laser lenses.

  • [en] Updated names for lens types on 3020 and 3030 models.

  • [en] Set minimum label width and height to 10 mm for all laser models.

  • [en] Modified Videojet laser power setting limitations to correct values.

  • [en] The updated list of available raster types for CIJ models.

  • [en] The correct value is now set for horizontal and vertical offsets on TTO models.

  • [en] Added support for 7340 and 7440 laser models.

[en] Markem-Imaje

  • [en] Completely redesigned driver based on the newest V10 driver platform.

  • [en] The printer naming convention has changed according to Loftware standards. All labels created using the V5 driver must be re-saved with the new printer driver.

  • [en] Added support for the 5900 series and also the SmartLase C series.

  • [en] Improved almost all of the functionalities compared to the previous Markem DCP driver.

  • [en] Added support for concatenating internal printer elements, support for GS1 function, new custom Date/Time formats, enabled storing and recalling functionality, etc.

[en] SATO

  • [en] Full RFID functionality is supported.

  • [en] Added support for enhanced status checking.

  • [en] New printers supported: CLNX-J Plus models, S84NX/S86NX, HC4, and PW4NXJ.

[en] Brother

  • [en] TJ-4010TN, TJ-4005DN, TD-4210D, RJ-2140, RJ-2150, RJ-2050, and RJ-2030 printer models were added to the driver distribution.

[en] Koenig & Bauer

  • [en] Added support for enhanced status checking.

  • [en] Fixed resolution issue for betaJET VERSO. The maximum print height for the betaJET VERSO printer is two inches with four print heads. Fixed WYSIWYG when the user changes resolution in the driver GUI. Added support for enhanced status checking.

[en] Honeywell

  • [en] Fixed printing internal rectangle when filled as solid type.

  • [en] Added PX45 and PX65 printer models.

[en] EPSON

  • [en] Added support for enhanced status checking.

  • [en] EPSON NiceLabel driver also supports 200 DPI resolution.

  • [en] Users can also select the ICC profile (color correction mode type) with display class, not just printer class.

[en] Domino

  • [en] Added support for enhanced status checking.

  • [en] Domino Cx350i can print up to 2500 mm wide layouts.

[en] NovexxSolutions

  • [en] Cancel all jobs command is updated.

  • [en] YN fonts are represented with Arial TTF for better WYSIWYG on the printer.

[en] Markoprint

  • [en] Printer internal fonts now print on Trident150 and Trident200 print heads.

  • [en] Four print groups supported on all multi-head Markoprint printers.

  • [en] Added Markoprint PP108 multicolor support.

[en] Matthews MPERIA

  • [en] Added support for enhanced status checking.

[en] Markem

  • [en] Corrected the problem with some graphics being corrupted during printing.

[en] ALE

  • [en] ALE printers now support the concatenate function on text and barcode elements.

[en] AMACO, ALFA Service

  • [en] The driver can be used from any Windows application.

[en] All V5 drivers

  • [en] Updated driver package information and driver user interface look with new branding.

[en] Open Date

  • [en] Users can print up to 250 mm long labels with Thermocode 107 and up to 500 mm with Thermocode 53 in continuous mode.

  • [en] Updated print area limitations for all models.