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[en] New and improved functionalities

[en] Keyboard shortcut to run the Startup form (Ctrl + D)

[en] When you are working on a specific form in your solution, and you want to test the solution, you select the Run Form command in the ribbon or use the Ctrl + R keyboard shortcut. In both cases, the currently selected form runs. However, that might not be good enough for complex solutions, where the sub-form expects to receive initial data from the previous form in the workflow (usually the main – startup form).

[en] NiceLabel 2019 improves user experience by introducing a shortcut to run the startup form no matter which form is currently active in NiceLabel Designer. When you use the Ctrl + D keyboard shortcut, the form that is defined as “Startup” form starts.


[en] Figure 9: Only one form can be a "Startup" form