[en] New in Label Management System

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[en] Installation

[en] PowerForms Web must be installed on the same computer with Control Center

[en] NiceLabel PowerForms Web is an on-premise component to provide web printing capabilities in NiceLabel Label Management System. Previously, you could install PowerForms Web on any computer in your environment. With NiceLabel 10, you must install PowerForms Web on the same computer where you install Control Center.


[en] When upgrading fromNiceLabel 2019, upgrade Control Center first followed by PowerForms Web.

[en] Control Center database installation without a sysadmin access role

[en] Control Center stores all configuration and user data on a Microsoft SQL Server. The installation creates a database named “NiceAN” on your SQL Server. The database installer running from within the main Control Center installer requires “sysadmin” access for the SQL Server to create the database.


[en] The sysadmin access role provides full control over all aspects of your SQL Server instance, including access to other databases on the server. For this reason, some companies are hesitant to provide such users for NiceLabel installation on a shared SQL Server. When NiceLabel is the only software using that SQL Server, there is usually no problem obtaining the sysadmin role.

[en] You can install the NiceAN database outside your main Control Center installer using the specialized stand-alone DBTool utility. DBTool allows you to fine-tune aspects of the database installer, including the ability to install NiceAN content on an existing empty database. Using DBTool does not require sysadmin permissions.


[en] The user that installs your database must be a dbowner of your NiceAN database with all database permissions.

[en] Typical workflow:

  1. [en] The database administrator creates a “NiceAN” database and provides dbowner credentials (username and password).

  2. [en] You run DBTool with the provided dbowner role and install content, not the NiceAN database.

  3. [en] You run the main Control Center installer to install the application (but not the database).

[en] For detailed instructions, read the Installation Guide.

[en] Updating license details

[en] During your license activation, you must provide company information (company name, country, contact person, and email). You can update this information from within Control Center by going to Administration > Product info > Update license details. You should update your contact information when the person responsible for NiceLabel in your company changes.


[en] Loftware uses this information to associate your license with your particular company and to notify you about upcoming events and software updates (when you opt-in for this communication).

[en] Caching user data from Windows Active Directory

[en] For multi-user applications like Control Center, the best-practice approach is to enable user authentication and organize your users into different access roles. Your users typically use a Microsoft directory for Windows domain networks– Active Directory (AD). AD is built right into Microsoft Windows Server and is typically convenient to use.

[en] Interacting with external applications always adds some overhead to communication. For example, when you log into Control Center, manage users in Access Roles, or add permissions for users to run Web Applications, your user requests must be validated in AD. The bigger your AD (more users, groups, or other items you have in AD), the slower it handles requests.

[en] NiceLabel supports an additional layer of caching AD results to improve responsiveness. The first time you validate any user, your user information is stored locally and is ready to use next time. By default, the cache is maintained for the last 100 signed-in users for 7 days. You can configure cache parameters to adjust default settings.

[en] Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 is no longer supported

[en] The end of life for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 arrived on July 9, 2019. While Microsoft ensures Extended Security Updates in Azure for a few more years and provides extended support at an additional cost, NiceLabel software no longer supports SQL Server 2008 R2 for Control Center system database installation.

[en] Now when you install Control Center, the installer verifies you're using the appropriate version of SQL Server and prompts you if you use an older version.


[en] If you currently use Control Center with SQL Server 2008 R2, you need to upgrade SQL Server before you can upgrade Control Center.