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[en] Updated Printer Family Drivers

[en] Loftware has extended NiceLabel print platform to support new printer models from EPSON, Novexx, Amaco, REA JET, AlfaService, and Honeywell.

[en] We now fully support the REA JET Titan platform including all REA JET marking and printing technologies: DOD, HI-RES, CIJ, Laser, Spray, Print and Apply.

[en] True type fonts are added to REA JET printers for better WYSIWYG

[en] NiceLabel Designer includes new True-type fonts that are used for on-screen representation of the REA JET native printer fonts. When you design your label templates (messages) for REA JET devices, you will see a true on-screen representation of how the native printer font will print.

[en] NiceLabel Designer uses REA JET True type fonts for the label design and the label previews.

[en] The following True type fonts are included:

  • [en] ReaJet 05F05

  • [en] ReaJet 05X05

  • [en] ReaJet 07F05

  • [en] ReaJet 07X05

  • [en] ReaJet 10F10

  • [en] ReaJet 10X10

  • [en] ReaJet 15F10

  • [en] ReaJet 15F10 OCR

  • [en] ReaJet 15X10

  • [en] ReaJet 16F10

  • [en] ReaJet 16F10 OCN

  • [en] ReaJet 16X10

  • [en] ReaJet 16X10 OCR

[en] REA JET – Support for recalling the concatenated elements

[en] REA JET printers provide coding and marking solutions to mark products and surfaces with inkjet and laser technologies. This is a high-speed operation that requires label templates (messages) and data pre-loaded in the printer.

[en] Label templates use different optimizations, like printer date/time, native printer fonts, and native printer barcodes. Printing scenarios often mandate the label objects to contain data merged from more data sources – values of the components are concatenated together.

[en] When you create concatenated content in NiceLabel Designer, you can export your label template to the REA JET printer. At print time, the print scenario provides values for individual components for the REA JET printer to merge them.