[en] New in Label Management System

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[en] Installation

[en] Changed Control Center database installation prerequisites

[en] On-premise installation of the Control Center module requires the appropriate access to the Microsoft SQL Server to install the database. This usually requires somebody with admin permissions for the database, which has a different role from the user installing the application part.

[en] For simple deployment scenarios (e.g. application and database server on the same machine) you can use the built-in database installer. For more complex deployment scenarios you can use the external database installation tool – DBTool.

[en] DBTool was updated to work with the following access privileges:

  • [en] Member of the sysadmin role. This is a top privilege who has access to the whole MS SQL Server.

  • [en] User dbowner. This is an owner of the NiceAN (Control Center) database.

  • [en] Member of db_owner role. This is a member of a role who owns the NiceAN (Control Center) database.