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[en] Label designer

[en] Updated GS1 Application Identifiers per GS1 General Specifications V22.0

[en] The new GS1 specifications define a new AI 715 - National Healthcare Reimbursement Number (NHRN) AI for US FDA National Drug Code (NDC).

[en] Optimization in barcode processing

[en] NiceLabel uses a new method for drawing the barcodes on-screen and on the label canvas during printing. Label templates now refreshes faster and more stable.

[en] Application designer

[en] The Printer Status action supports extended printer statuses


[en] You must use NiceLabel printer drivers v10.0.5 or above to use the extended printer statuses. The status is available for the supported printer brands.

[en] The new release of NiceLabel drivers v10 brings support for a new type of extended statuses. These statuses are provided in a JSON format that you can use as input data in your PowerForms applications or Automation integrations.

[en] Tthe extended statuses provide more details about the printer's live status and the consumables. When you use NiceLabel for the coding and marking purposes directly on the products or surfaces, you use specialized equipment that has an extended set of properties, such as the type of installed ink, the quantity of remaining ink, consumable expiry date, print efficiency, print throughput, firmware version and many more.

[en] For example, you can use this status information to build PowerForms dashboards to monitor your print infrastructure in real-time.

[en] The existing Printer Status action was enhanced to provide the extended printer status.