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[en] Store and Recall printing methods require additional steps when you design and print label templates. First, you store your label templates in your printer memory. Once you store your labels, you can print them using the recall functionality.

  1. [en] Open a new or existing label template in NiceLabel Designer.


    [en] Store and Recall is possible with NiceLabel Designer Pro edition or higher. It is not available with NiceLabel Designer Express.

  2. [en] Click the Document Properties icon or double-click the design surface.

  3. [en] The Label Properties window opens. Enable Use store/recall printing mode.



    [en] Enable Allow only printer elements to connect to variable data sources to prevent using non-printer elements (fonts or barcodes) with your data sources (prompt variables, database values, functions...).


    [en] If you connect your data sources to objects not marked as internal printer objects, you get an error message and cannot store your label.

  4. [en] In the Store variant drop-down menu, select one of the 2 options.

    • [en] Store to Printer only stores your new label template to your printer. This option doesn't change the printing process. The current label keeps printing.


      [en] With some printers, you must stop the print process when you want to store your new label template. Consult your printer manufacturer for more information.

      [en] Your label template stores to your printer when you click Store in the Print dialog or run Store actions in Automation or Designer PowerForms. For more information, read [en] Storing labels to printers.

    • [en] Store to Printer and Select stores your label design to your printer and selects the label for printing. At the next trigger event on your printer, the current label stops printing, and your newly stored label starts printing.

      [en] To execute this option, click Store in the Print dialog or run Store actions in Automation or Designer PowerForms. For more information, read [en] Storing labels to printers.


      [en] In some cases, your printer may cause a few seconds of delay when selecting new labels, and some products may print incorrectly. Avoid unnecessary Store to Printer and Select actions. Store the label to your printer once, then use the Print action to recall your label template. With the Print action, you only update variable data in your messages.


    [en] Some printers have more Store variant options. Consult with your printer manufacturer about additional options.

    [en] You can also change the Store variant option later when you store labels to your printer.

  5. [en] Design your label template. Use internal printer objects (counters, date/time) and fonts.


    [en] When you print variable data (variable text, counters, date/time...), use internal printer objects and internal fonts. If you use, for example, a system (computer) counter, only the label with the last counter value prints. Label objects with TrueType fonts print as fixed graphic objects.

    [en] If you want to use TrueType font on your label templates, you can download font to your printer. In such case you can use this font as the printer internal font.


    [en] Printing different database values on your messages is not possible with most direct marking printers. With standard print methods (without store and recall), you can design and print labels from NiceLabel Designer using one of the many database options. For example, every subsequent printed label contains values from the next database record.

    [en] In most cases, you can only print values from the first record in your database.

    [en] Use NiceLabel Automation to print different data with each print. Automation retrieves variable values from trigger data.

    [en] You can also create a printing form using Designer PowerForms where you manually select database records to print.

    [en] Read printing from Automation and printing from Designer PowerForms for more information.

  6. [en] Save your label template.

[en] Your label template is now ready to be stored to your printer.