Printed address label.

Our sample integration adds a NiceLabel printing integration setup page and NiceLabel print button to your global address book page in D365SCM.

Our sample integration allows you to print NiceLabel labels directly from D365SCM using your D365SCM global address book data and NiceLabel label templates. The integration uses cloud printers or classic printers with Cloud Trigger configurations and predefined Cloud Print requests. To run our sample integration in D365SCM, upload the deployable package from GitHub to your Lifecycle Services interface.

Customize your D365SCM sample integration code for your specific printing environment and requirements. To edit and adapt our sample integration to your own needs, you need a virtual machine with Visual Studio running in your Lifecycle Services interface. To edit source code, you need the Dynamics 365 add-on in your Visual Studio. Click here to read how to import and export D365SCM projects in Virtual Studio. Include your custom printer setup information and other data from D365SCM to use on labels your users print. Add D365SCM data you want to use in variables on your label templates to your integration code.

Before your users can print with our sample integration, configure their D365SCM integrations setup with 3 setup tabs so your users can print selected records using selected labels on selected cloud and classic printers directly from D365SCM.

Our sample integration calls Cloud REST APIs and sends the following data:

  • Printer name

  • Label template

  • Print quantity

  • Data from selected records to use on the label template