Cannot run NiceLabel programs after your Loftware Cloud account was removed


You were running NiceLabel with the Loftware Cloud license option. Your Loftware Cloud account was removed and when you try to start NiceLabel applications, you get the error message: "You are not authorized to run this program".



Delete the NiceLabel configuration file where your license information is stored.

  1. Open the Windows Services application (type “Services” in the Start menu).

  2. Navigate to NiceLabel Proxy Service 10 and stop the service.

  3. In your File Explorer navigate to the folder c:\ProgramData\NiceLabel\NiceLabel 10 and create a backup of the product.config file.

  4. Open the original product.config file in a text or XML editor.

  5. Delete the entire <LmsCloud> node.

  6. Save the edited product.config file.

  7. In the Services application, start NiceLabel Proxy Service 10.

Now you can start and activate your NiceLabel application.