Reload, start, and stop Automation configurations from another NiceLabel application


You would like to centrally manage your Automation triggers and configurations from another NiceLabel application.


You can reload your Automation configuration, start, and stop triggers from Control Center, from another Automation configuration, or from PowerForms.

Solution 1

Manage your Automation configuration and triggers in Control Center. See the instructions in the Control Center User Guide.

Solution 2

Manage your Automation configuration and triggers in another Automation configuration or in PowerForms.

To reload your configuration use the action Open Document/Program. In the File name edit field use the syntax:

"[ManagerExe]" RELOAD "[ConfigurationFilePath]\MyConfiguration.misx"

where [ManagerExe] is a file location of the NiceLabel Automation Manager program. Usually, it is "c:\Program Files\NiceLabel\NiceLabel 10\\NiceLabelAutomationManager.exe"

[ConfigurationFilePath] is the folder part where your configuration file (.misx) is stored.

Example 3. Example:

"c:\Program Files\NiceLabel\NiceLabel 10\\NiceLabelAutomationManager.exe" RELOAD "c:\automation warehouse 3\pallet central.misx"


To start your triggers use the syntax:

"[ManagerExe]" START "[ConfigurationFilePath]\MyConfiguration.misx"

To stop your triggers use the syntax:

"[ManagerExe]" STOP "[ConfigurationFilePath]\MyConfiguration.misx"


Using the action Open Document/Program you start and stop all triggers in a defined configuration.

To start or stop only specific triggers within the same configuration, use Automation Manager in Control Center.