Run your printing form at startup

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You would like to automatically start your printing form when your system starts.


Create and copy your printing form shortcut to the Startup folder:

  1. Open your printing solution in NiceLabel Designer.

  2. Click Customize Print icon, then click Create Shortcut for Printing.

  3. The File Explorer window opens. Select a folder to create your printing form shortcut, then click Save.

    This is only a temporary location of the shortcut. In the next steps, you'll move the shortcut to the Startup folder.

  4. Press <Windows> + <R> keys. The Run window opens.

  5. Type shell:startup in the edit field, then press OK.

  6. The Startup folder opens. Copy or move your printing form shortcut to the Startup folder.

At the next system restart, your printing form will automatically open.

To disable opening printing form at startup, remove the shortcut from the Startup folder.