Fix errors with NiceLabel Proxy Service not running


When you try to run NiceLabel Designer or Automation, you get the error

We cannot run NiceLabel Designer

NiceLabel Designer cannot run because NiceLabel Proxy service is not running



NiceLabel Proxy Service is a Windows service that broadcasts packets and receives replies from other NiceLabel applications in your labeling environment. By default, NiceLabel Proxy Service starts automatically when you start Windows. NiceLabel Proxy Service errors can occur for different reasons.

To resolve NiceLabel Proxy Service errors:

  • Install the latest version of NiceLabel. You can find updated software on our downloads page.

  • Make sure NiceLabel Proxy Service is running.

    1. Open Windows Services. Click Start or press <Windows> key and type "Services".

    2. Click Services. Your Windows Services window opens.

    3. Select NiceLabel Proxy Service and click Start.

  • If you can't start or restart NiceLabel Proxy Service, rename or archive product.config and license.db files in your NiceLabel folder %PROGRAMDATA%\NiceLabel\


    Restart NiceLabel Proxy Service and run Designer.


    Designer generates new product.config and license.db files on restart.

  • Temporarily change your NiceLabel Proxy Service Log On account. Log on to NiceLabel Proxy Service with your Local System account.

    1. Open Windows Services and double-click NiceLabel Proxy Service.

    2. NiceLabel Proxy Service Properties opens. Go to Log On and select Local System account.

    3. Click OK.

    4. Restart Designer.

    5. If you can start NiceLabel Proxy Service with Local System account, change <our account back to your user account.

  • Some antivirus software blocks NiceLabel Proxy Service. Try disabling your antivirus software for testing. If you find conflicts, contact our support for more help. Let us know which antivirus you use.